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The Night Before Hoopla

“Twas the night before Hoopla, and all through the school,

Ms. Margaret was shopping. She’s been such a fool!

Did I order the pizza, will they like every present?

Have I done everything to assure that it’s pleasant?

Meanwhile, I walk just so I remember

That I’m in a school this week in December.

And this is for sure, for it’s what I see:

There’s Reading and Writing and great harmony!

They’re solving for variables, and linear slope,

And not once I see a mathematical mope.

In English, they’re parsing and setting a trend

Of nouns, verbs, and commas, a diagram’s friend.

In History, the students are discussing galore

A time in the past of our own Civil War.

Science impressed me with their knowledge of soil,

Which horizon is Wharton Street, oh, tell me, Ms. Doyle?

I had no answer to give them, but they gave me a fright.

So I turned on my heels and I turned off the light.

I wished them good day, and I called out the lines.

Please go out the doors and follow the signs.

Let’s all have fun hoopla, and make such a merry.

Then, get to the break – we’re in such a hurry.

But let’s not forget to wish everyone well.

Good hoopla to all! May the hoopla be swell!

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