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It’s Always Sunny at CCCS!

Hi All! I hope everyone had a very happy and festive Thanksgiving! I wonder if anybody had any turkey, since so many CCCS students disguised their turkeys so well, so they would not be eaten! Did you happen to see the turkey disguised as Mrs. Porsia - leopard outfit and all? Check out the picture.

The “CCCS STRONG” program is going “strong” (no pun intended). Each week we award certificates to worthy candidates, who in turn earn points for their classes. Students are also participating in community service projects to earn points while helping others in need. At the North Building, the winning class with the most points, for October, was Room 2C. They chose to use some of their points to have an ice cream sundae party. They used 100 of their STRONG points, however, the party was a lot of fun and the sundaes were delicious!

The “Game of Coins” contest has been very successful. Students in each class have been collecting coins to see which class could collect the most. The coins will be donated to the charity of the winning class’s choice. I never saw so many pennies in my life! Stay tuned for winning classes.

There is always a great deal of learning going on at CCCS! Our teachers are consistently and effectively imparting knowledge in reading and language arts, math, social studies, and science, while making learning fun and exciting! In addition, we help our students to develop excellent character traits through our character development programs (Thanks, Ms. Doyle). At CCCS, we encourage an atmosphere of academic, social, and emotional success. Attached are pictures of some (not all because there are so many) of the learning experiences at the North Building, including lessons, activities, projects, arts and crafts, and community service.

Until next time, I will leave you with my daily question to the students, “Where is the sunniest place in the world?” The answer, of course, is “CCCS!” “It’s always sunny at CCCS!”

With sincere gratitude for entrusting your precious children to us,

Mrs. Porsia

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