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Generosity is a Matter of Heart!

February is always known as the month for hearts. It is the month of Valentine’s Day, after all, when we all go a little crazy for love. I spoke to the students the other day about the virtue of the “purple” heart – the heart that is tested, tried, and true. These hearts are the hearts that wait, worry, wonder, and are wounded in the very action of love. These are the hearts of our CCCS Community.

When I spoke about these “purple” hearts, I used examples of waiting hearts as those who are waiting for life to begin, our moms in waiting, those pregnant moms, like one of our teachers. I also mentioned one of our school nurses, who also waits with people who, at the other end of life, wait to die. These waiting hearts know a special love of giving to others.

Those who wonder and worry are those like many of you, who are parents. You all wonder what will become of my child and what can I do better to help them succeed? Your worry never stops until your loving heart does. A parent’s love knows no bounds.

The wounded heart is the common use of the purple heart, the warrior, who in battle has given something of him or herself, so that others might live more safely. This generous soul has forever been marked by love and his or her generosity extends throughout life.

Our community has also been marked recently by two very extensive wounds recently, tragic wounds, not battle wounds, but life ones. The CCCS Community has responded in such a generous and robust way in both cases, that I am reminded that people can earn those purple hearts in many ways: by a kind gesture, a simple card, a meal cooked to assist a family, or a monetary donation from our own want.

I am taking this time and space to thank you and to offer you your purple heart in the name of the Mormello Family and the Amin Family for your generous responses to them in their time of need. Both families know great suffering right now; we all know that we all experience it at one time or another. How our community responds around us means the world to us.

Thank you in the name of CCCS to all those wonderful purple hearts out there for your kind gestures, for your kind donations, and for your kindness to the families in need, and to us here at school. Your expressions of love have earned you your “Purple” hearts.

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